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About urdolls


I love music, I am also a fan of sex dolls, I like to share my music with my sex dolls, I have been looking for the most realistic dolls, I finally found her here. The dolls here are very realistic. I can't believe it, they gave me a great experience, I can spend a wonderful time with my sex doll.



Dora – RZR Spots Are Clearly Visible 160CM Pure Silicone Sex Doll fro...

https://www.urdolls.com/asian-style-doll-c-4.html Dora features: 1. The head and body are integrated (without seams) 2. The arm and leg parts can be two parts (separable for easy […]



Salome – RZR D Cup Exquisite Shape 165CM Silicone Doll from Urdolls S...

Salome features: 1. She is very realistic, you can even see the capillaries on her skin. 2. Eyeball: movable, finger joints can move, body bones […]

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Kitto – RZR Skin Texture Visible 160CM Realistic Silicone Sex Doll fr...

160CM Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Kitto features: 1. Kitto’s facial features are very delicate, and the lips are filled with cherry-like moistness. 2. It is […]



Haruka – 130CM Small Chest Slim Shy TPE Sex Doll from Urdolls Shop

I am a super naughty girl, I am looking for a man who can satisfy my most bizarre emotional dreams. They said that I look […]



Yasuko – RZR Silicone Sex Dolls from www.urdolls.com

Yasuko feature: 1. Material: medical high quality silicone Sex Dolls, high quality materials, safe, soft and durable. 2. Eyeball: movable, finger joints can move, body […]



146CM D Cup TPE Doll Yedda Mark

Yedda is a 19-year-old sports science student who likes to watch TV. She is a TPE sex doll.She is kind and reliable and helps the […]



148CM Black Skin Sex Doll Lydia Tony

She is a small chest TPE sex doll. She grew up in an orphanage. The orphans she met were adopted one by one. But no […]



140cm Chinese Students Silicone Doll XiaoMi

She is a Chinese student studying in New York. She looks very much like a Chinese star. Recently, she often went to the bar to […]



148CM Red Roll Hair TPE Doll Emma Finn

She is a realistic sex doll. She is a poor village from the United States. Since she was a child, she has been helping her […]



158cm Big Breasts TPE Doll Nancy

This is a 158cm high adult doll. She has a very cool buttocks and big breasts. She is 158cm in height and 34kg in weight. […]