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Winter, the green laser, requires preheating time, in order to achieve the best brightness, we suggest that it can be placed in a pocket, is hot and humid, the battery, light duration, and no more than a minute! Laser LD module excessive aging to prevent laser beam mail order or overheat damage!

Laser pointer: more. Because it is used to represent characters, intuitive eyes see light (especially green laser), laser pen, blue laser pointer, laser sword portable safety refers to the bright beam starring strong stray light interference, as long as the pointing in the direction of a fixed, is increasingly being used in the classroom/astronomy. Laser lover/astronomy enthusiast, a large number of outdoor love preferred equipment. It can be a high-end gift for friends and family.

This is a true laser designator a 5 w green laser designator (green), even if you see in the world generally retail market, is also very rare, actual output more than 5000 milliwatts. Although it depends on the individual, it has reached 3.2 to 3.4 W. Because it’s hard to deal with heat with a small pointer, the body is slightly larger, but when the temperature is about 23 degrees, you can keep the steady output for about three minutes.

The convenient irradiating lasting formula also carries out the experiment and research
Because even if you’re from the button, every time the switch button irradiated continuously, the continuous laser irradiation released the finger, it’s been active in the experiment and research. Press the switch button again to turn off the laser.
Powerful laser focusing control function
Laser pointer is, in fact, the output is really high of 5000 w, 10 million kilowatts of laser pointer, as it is, it may also be burning within 1 to 2 seconds, if Atere concentrated in, for example, pure white copy paper. Moreover, if the focus is large and the laser point gets larger, it becomes the ultimate spotlight with extremely high directivity.

Powerful laser pointer is the application scope of the tunnel construction and mining in hale body model also positively s around the warehouse, such as construction, currently, adaptation and so on, the field of aviation maintenance, such as he is infinite

The green laser pointer is the most popular laser pointer in the market. Compared to the green laser, they are brighter than other colors and can shine farther away.

The biggest market is a small 50-milliwatt green laser pointer, which is cheap. Early guidance, real estate sales staff, teachers, laser pointer priority laser pointer. This kind of laser pointer fuselage is delicate, easy to carry, bright light, and use the guiding effect first class.

If you are a super laser pointer, research is required, other special applications, so many do not meet low-power green laser Pointers, one you want to buy high power green laser Pointers.

The problem is that high power green pens can’t unify market prices. Many companies cheat consumers with low power and high power consumption.

Trust in a dangerous position, such as red laser pen is construction sites and civil engineering, instructions from a remote location, the exhibition hall, including a description of the museum, you can take the advantage of the various scenarios. Astronomy enthusiast – the star astronomy, the super bright blue laser beam light is a very beautiful blue line, very suitable for observing the night sky, the stars can point out the position. Blue power laser pen cooperative cigarettes, matches, fireworks, balloons, etc. Can be fire paper, instant lighting, construction and building, or matching power! After a while, as the scene of disaster relief, tobacco is possible.

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