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Over the years, teachers and teachers have used powerful blue laser pointer to highlight key areas on maps and screens. Recently, as manufacturing costs have fallen, consumers now have a variety of features to choose from, including different colors and styles. This will depend on many different factors, including your laser application. Of all the colors and the strength are suitable for a variety of purposes, such as astronomy or star observation so when are you sure you are looking for the color and power, you can consider to design functions. Key switch security features, focal length adjustable, lens cover and other accessories should be considered to ensure that you choose the most suitable laser for you.

Use your 2000mw laser pointer as a speaker. Use it to guide the organization’s attention to specific parts of the information and ensure that your information gets to them properly. Tease your cat or dog. A cat (or dog) will orbit for hours. Even if your pet can’t understand, this toy will even give your pet the satisfaction of a «hunt». Try a laser dance. The laser points to a pointer crystal, producing an infinite number of magical laser beam dancing inches (note: the dancer should remember not to directly reflect the appearance of the laser beam and the laser pointer using only the low milliwatt).

The external pump tunable laser, such as the color laser and optical parametric oscillator, falls into this category. For these devices, to wear safety glasses is a good idea, the safety glasses can prevent accidental exposure to intense pump beam, especially when the Settings affect the light path of the beam pump. When performing any blue laser alignment and/or adjustment, it is recommended that you start the process by working with minimum actual laser intensity.

It can be seen that the development of laser technology has become one of the hottest topics at present, and laser technology is applied to high power laser pointer, so the question is what is laser high power? We usually see in the life of the laser is some low power laser, such as PPT presentation and interpretation of the museum, funny cat with a laser designator, high power laser is not a common cause «the laser is dangerous, not correct application is likely to cause a disaster, but if used properly, is very strong, far greater than the benefits of what we are afraid of.

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