Jammers will become more and more common in the future


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4G signals (including 4G LTE and 4G Wimax) and 2G and 3G signals are now widely used in smartphones. 6 high-power antennas and adjustable 3G 4G interference mobile phones, today we are talking about professional mobile phones that do not allow interference from these places. In fact, so many annoying phone locations are due to industrial safety requirements, such as business meeting rooms, storage of flammable and explosive materials and gases, gas stations. You know, there are always a few words of warning to remind us that there is no phone. So why can’t we make and receive calls in these places?


WiFi 2.4G 2400-2500MHz, RF is the only target. Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless audio spy camera, wireless network card and other products are also interfered by the work of the signal frequency jammer. With useful equipment, you can adjust how to protect your safety and maintain a clear signal environment to eliminate noise and WiFi pollution. At a very cheap price of $ 99.99, you can get an ultra-small WiFi jammer. Of course, you can visit our store to get more quality products.


Under conditions we calmly need, such as reading books, listening to music, watching TV, teachers in schools, libraries, and in many other places and conditions, if applicable, preventing telephone signals is the best way. Under many other conditions, it is also necessary to reduce other groups, which is why more and more new advanced signal jammer designs have been invented to have this function. The new signal jammer can well protect you from the interference target and can meet your needs. Please note that this product is designed to protect user privacy, please do not use it in criminal activities. Therefore, please ensure that your activities are permitted by law, otherwise we will not be responsible for all your illegal acts.


Second, you can choose to block the tape. If you do n’t want to block one or two bands, you can turn them off, while the other bands remain open. At the same time, the jammer of the mobile phone can still block signals in other frequency bands, and is equipped with an LED screen, which can observe frequency changes at any time, and has a camouflage appearance, which is very suitable for military applications. The most important thing is that it can be used as a car charger to provide you with more convenience. In addition, it has a cooling fan, so its operating temperature is low. If so, it can work in hot summers and cold winters. If you want to attract such interference equipment, then you are right, please do not hesitate to buy this perfect mobile phone jammer immediately.


As the dependence on the United States military global positioning system GPS becomes higher and higher, the United States is very worried that GPS jammers will cause damage to them. Therefore, the US Department of Defense, led by the Air Force, continues to take all measures to protect the integrity of GPS signals and enhance its immunity. These include: improving satellite signal strength and signal processing capabilities for more complex aircraft, ships, land vehicles, and GPS receiver weapons, formulating new military regulations, and better anti-jamming capabilities. The Ministry of Public Safety (MSP) confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that Canada has banned the use of these devices in prisons and prisons to combat this scourge. Several provinces, including Quebec, are pressing Ottawa to revise the «radio communications» Law, which allows them to “disconnect” the prisoner ’s connection to the prisoners who brought their smartphones to jail using the jammer – two years have been escaped from the detainees by helicopter and have been released by mistake since Monday Francis, the son of Maurice «Mom» Boucher, was damaged-the measure is still elusive.


From evolving science and technology, eavesdropping on many devices can be used to track and collect specific data, such as login / password, smartphone-mail, you know it can. No matter who is a smart, modern mobile operating system phone manufacturer, and it is operating normally, this is dangerous, but the main reason is that the device with all the data can provide you with personal information, the current contact information, your friends Wait. This is why hackers tried to find this new type of secret service in Spiegel’s report-a real secret service, such as monitoring the National Security Agency via mobile phones. It is the most expensive method to obtain large amounts of data. The most dangerous thing here is that you cannot do anything.


You should worry that the wireless network is the second thing. Most

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